"Erin worked with my son when he was home from college and  recovering from depression. My son is a very bright young man, but at college he did not manage his time well, got overwhelmed, and then became depressed. Erin made my son feel comfortable and he quickly opened up and talked to her in ways that he had not been able to talk to us. Erin encouraged him to envision his future and together they came up with strategies that he could use to successfully move forward. When my son used these strategies, he felt encouraged, and as he learned what worked for him, he was able to achieve more, and take on more, and be successful; a virtuous cycle of progress allowing him to be more active and engaged.  When my son stumbled and did not follow through, Erin talked with him and helped him identify what got in the way, so that he could be successful the next time. Throughout their time together, Erin was constantly supportive and non judgmental, creating an environment which allowed my son to be open and straightforward with her.  Erin's guidance and support was very important in helping my son to realize his potential; he is returning to college and is well prepared with the strategies they developed and practiced together. We are so grateful that she was there for our son when he needed her." - Parents of a College Student

" initial thoughts were that it would be nothing but boring exercises to "prepare" me for life...after a couple of sessions I started to enjoy it. The exercises and topics we talked about not only showed me how to be more successful in certain areas, but also taught me things I did not know about myself...we are coming to an end; my grades have significantly increased and my life is more planned out....instead of cramming all of my activities. I've really enjoyed my time working with (Erin).." - High School Junior

"...I'm spending more of my time at school getting things done instead of wasting time....and I'm on my phone less..."

- High School Junior

"Your willingness to listen and allow my daughter to pull from within has changed her forever.  In the short time that the two of you worked together, she has blossomed into a more mature young lady.  She has become more outspoken and conquered her fear of making a decision while realizing that her feelings and emotions are valid.  Even more so, she knows that she has a voice and has the right to defend that voice in a positive and productive setting." - BA - Parent of HS Junior

"To see my child focused on school planning and life goals has just been amazing!  Her goal setting and life planning skills have developed well past the level of High School.  As a licensed School Administrator, I would love to have your services offered to every High School Student.  I believe it would better prepare students for life after High School and relieve a lot of the stress that comes with the territory." - Parent of HS Junior

"Having an Academic Life Coach has changed my life for the better. At first I was not sure how to feel about it, or what I would take away from (working with Erin). By the time my first session ended, I knew that it is exactly what I needed in my life. In my opinion, everyone should have some sort of life coach! Erin has worked with me non stop on not only academic, but my personal development as well! I have been using the tools that have been provided to me and have been applying them to my everyday life! It has been amazing working with Erin, and I can't wait to see the results in the future! Thank you." - S.S. 20 year old college student

"I used to describe myself as a football player that also went to school...The hardest part about graduating college, aside from the application process into grad schools, has been identifying myself as something other than a football has been difficult for me to cope with losing such a big part of my life...after football was over I got kind of depressed. I started kind of just going through the motion of life and just kind of let go of everything that was important to me. Luckily my Mom...suggested that I have (Erin) be my life coach for a while. At first I tried to be all tough and was completely against it, but the more I thought about how lost I was, I eventually agreed to do it. I will not say my life was headed in the wrong direction by any means, but I will say Erin’s coaching and support really helped get me alive and back on track. Her positive and uplifting attitude really helped changed my thinking about myself and about my future. I can’t thank Erin enough for her support..." - College graduate/student-athlete making the transition 

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