What is Academic Life Coaching?

Activate ALC is life coaching for high school and college students with an academic component. Everyone can benefit from working with a coach from time to time. We all benefit from having someone listen intently to our personal situation in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  ALC will offer your student an open space to discuss what's most important to them, their challenges/frustrations/stress and where they want to see improvement. Once the areas are explored, your student will be introduced to strategies and skills they can immediately implement to experience improvement. Finally, your student will design action steps towards improvement in an area of their own choosing, which helps the student take ownership, a must for the program to be effective.


How is ALC different from Tutoring?

Tutoring focuses on the learning and mastery of content in specific subject areas; whereas, coaching focuses on the learning processes. A tutor may provide a student with strategies on how to learn fractions; whereas, a coach might explore assumptions and limiting beliefs a student has about math in general.

Coaching introduces the students to strategies they will be able to use in all aspects of life. With a coach, your student will explore past unproductive habits as they work to develop new productive habits. This increased self-awareness then transfers to all areas, including academics.

Students who are active participants in the program will: 

  • Gain confidence - academically and socially​ - about how they learn, their values and how they are motivated

  • Reduce their stress allowing for better choices and decisions to be made

  • Improve relationships with parents, peers, teachers and coaches

  • Develop leadership skills they can use in leading their own lives and those of others 

  • Become more empowered, engaged and effective in all aspects of their life leading to a more purposeful and fulfilling future

Still curious about whether Activate ALC is the right next step for your student? Contact me for a free 45 min. consultation.


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